Thursday, 22 January 2015

Dead or Alive?

The best way for a forest to replenish itself, is to let the trees that have fallen to the ground stay where they are. What might appear to be just a dead lifeless piece of wood, will eventually be the life source for fungi, and insects, and even new tree sprouts that will then grow into another strong tree in that same forest.
Sometimes I feel like we do not give enough credit to the people and situations that have come into our lives, provided a great service and then fallen out of our lives, like the mighty tree in a forest. When a tree is standing firm, with its roots deep into the ground and its trunk strong and wide, and its branches reaching to the sky and providing beautiful shade and protection, it feels as if it is serving its greatest purpose. It gives us life
 oxygen, and it defines
 resilience as it develops from a tiny seed, surviving through harsh winters, appearing dead and lifeless, but then in spring coming back to life. But when a tree has fallen, it seems as though that is the end. Good isn't. The best part about it, is it can be a new beginning for many new things. I am always very excited for new things, especially new life.
So when a tree dies, if we drag it out of the forest, and out its natural surrounding, we are taking it out of its element. It might still be able to supply life to something else, if it was in a controlled setting, but it will do so much better where it fell. Things will start to crawl around, and live in the old tree, moss and mushrooms will start to get nutrients from the decaying wood and with moisture and sunlight, it becomes filled with new life. Life from death!!
I am so thankful for people that have been like trees in my life. People that have given so much and proven themselves so strong, and then although their role might have changed, they continue to give back. It might not be in the same way, when it seemed more important or useful, but they still continue to give back in different forms in my life. Think about how many people or even situations have affected you in that way. Wise friends and mentors that were once maybe very prominent people in your community, but have maybe fallen away, or even died. Think about how many people were able to learn and grow from that person. And how they still are benefitting from what they received from that person.
So this is what has been on my mind. Sometimes things have to die to create new life. Sometimes a really good thing that at one time was thriving and full of life, has to fall away and make room for something new. It doesn't mean that it is gone forever, it just might mean that it is time for new and exciting things to happen in the lives that I have helped. I don't always do well with change, but I am learning that change can be really good. What is more exciting than NEW?? A fresh start, a clean slate, a new adventure, those things are really exciting to me.
I am going through lots of different transitions and changes every day, and I want to be able to discern what needs to stand strong, and what needs to fall away. It isn't always  clear and I think more then anything, I just need to trust the process. I need to realize that even in a different form, I can be productive in other peoples lives. They can still take from me what they need, but I can sort :)
Taking me completely out of my element won't be the best way for me to help give back what I want to, so no worries people, Im not "going" anywhere. I'm just, as we say in "teachereeze"...transitioning. All these things are good. Change, transition, new growth, new life....very, very good things!!

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