Wednesday, 7 January 2015

I'm Every Woman!!

This has been a very long time coming my friends. I am so excited to begin this new journey for myself and my family. I have held off and planned and prayed for the right time in my life to take a really big step in a different direction, and now I'm diving in!!
"Although some people have the misconception that being humble means to put yourself down, it really is understanding yourself and being free and secure enough to recognize the things you do well and the things you don't do well. In essence, being humble is a true recognition of our strengths and our weaknesses." John C Maxwell
What does it mean to be "every woman"? What does it even mean to be a woman in this moment in our society? Has the definition become so clouded, that we've lost ourselves, and what is expected of us? Is being a woman simply the ability to fit into a socially constructed category rather than a biological one?
I am a  forty three year old woman. I am the mother of  seven amazing biological children,(six girls and one boy), and the wife to my adoring husband of  twenty one years. I have homeschooled my children for the past fifteen years. I work outside of my home as a Before and After School teacher. I teach bootcamp two nights a week. I participate in leading worship at my local church a few times a month as well as being an active member. I provide home daycare during the day to my darling niece while her parents work full time. I am a runner, having completed six full marathons and numerous half marathons in the past six years. I love fashion, and clothes and beauty. I did some modelling before I started my family, and I am ready to return to something I loved. I am thrifty...almost to the point of "hoarding" , especially when it comes to my wardrobe. I pride myself on being able to feed my family of nine on a very limited budget and keeping them happy and satisfied.
I love to inspire women. I want women to be the best that that can be. I want to give women a new voice. I want to be real and relatable with women. I want to provide an opportunity to talk and share with woman about many of my love experiences, but more importantly, to just share many of the things that women want to open up about.
Everyone says that no one wants to hear about the scary or nasty things that happen during childbirth, but we do!! Everyone thinks that homeschooling is just for families that wear long dresses and don't associate with the rest of society, that is just not true. Everyone thinks that it is impossible to be healthy and fit, and still be able to enjoy food....and life....but it is NOT impossible. Everyone thinks that going to church  means that you are a crazy religious freak trying to force your beliefs on everyone around you, but this is not the case. Everyone thinks that you have to spend hundreds of dollars to look amazing and measure up to what today's woman is suppose to be, but believe me, you do not.
I could go on forever about the things that I feel "every woman" could be. I am passionate about what I know is going to happen. I know that woman want an opportunity to be related to other woman around them who shove  dirty laundry in the closet when the doorbell rings, or who pee their pants a little bit when they jump around at exercise class. We all just want to be real. About the good things and the bad. About marriage, and children. About feeling empowered at work and in the community. About fitness and feeling fat, about fashion and  what looks ridiculous on us. Well, I am taking this opportunity to follow my heart and make some big strides to attain what might have seemed impossible in the past. This is going to be big...and I want YOUR support. I want you to respond. Ask questions. Share how you have been inspired or empowered by another woman in your life. I say we get rid of all these crazy "reality" television shows that sensationalize the ridiculous, and make room for reality. Normal is real. Frustrated, busy, tired, ugly, moody, messy, is REAL!!
People have said to me for many years, " you should write a book", or " you should have your own reality show...I would watch for sure!!"  Well my's about to happen. With your support of this blog, and personal messages and prayers, this is going to be the year it happens!!
"People don't follow people by accident. They follow individuals whose leadership they respect. Unlike charisma that will let you through the door, respect guarantees that the room will be full of your followers you have earned their respect by your talent, your successful work, and your loyalty to them. But mostly, they respect you because of your dedication to adding value and making a difference in their lives"..John C Maxwell

PLEASE share this blog today. I want to start a movement. A real woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend!!


  1. Yay! I am excited to follow this!

  2. Excited to see where this journey takes you!!! 🎉

    1. Inspired by you and excited to follow this.