Thursday, 8 January 2015

I"m Not Going To Blog Every Time I Cry!!

So, I wasn't going to blog tonight, because I thought I would give my first entry a few days to settle in...and then my sister came over to say goodbye. She has been doing mission work in Bolivia  for the past nine years, and was able to come home for the past month, and spend time with us for the holidays.  This is the first Christmas in nine years,  that she was able to come and be with us, and it was time that I will treasure.
People always talk about the bond of sisters share something between them that is almost magical. I believe that there is truth to this, but I also believe that it might not always be the case. I will be honest, my sister and I have not always been super close. We are seven years apart and when I was growing up, we really didn't have much in common, although we did share the same bed. We laughed when she was home because I was a bed wetter, and she remembers quite clearly, those nights when she wished we weren't so "close"!! I apologized.:)She moved out to Alberta to go to school when I entered high school, and then was married and started her family when I went to college. It wasn't really until I started my family that we began to connect and share things that sisters share. And then it seemed like when we started to become the closest, she left. When she left, was when I felt like I needed her the most. I wanted to talk and share with her like a best friend, and I needed her advice, her help. And anyone who knows my sister, knows just how amazing she really is. She is one marvellous person.
So when she came to say goodbye tonight, I cried. I cried like a big 'ole baby. I cried in front of my kids, because they were there to say goodbye too. I felt a little selfish about feeling this upset, but I really didn't want her to go back. I know that Bolivia is now her home, but in my selfish way, I wanted her to consider me and my feelings in all of this. Even though her husband, and her adopted son are there waiting for her, I want her to stay. I need her. I want her to be here to talk to me when I am having bad days, or when I want to go shopping with my sister. I don't want to Skype, and have our conversations delayed by 12 seconds. So for about ten minutes, I cried, and I made it all about me.
 And then I started to appreciate the situation for what it really is. I am so blessed to have a sister. I am so proud of all that she is doing thousands of miles from home. I am so glad that my girls saw me cry, because I want them to appreciate their own sister relationships. I have six girls, so there are many bonds between the sisters in this house. you should just see some of the sister moments. Sometimes they share, sometimes they fight, sometimes they, laugh, cry, play, pout...the list goes on. Some of the girls seem really close, and there are times when I feel like they are not going to survive under the same roof. But then I think of how much I love my sister and it feels amazing. It feels amazing to know that I will be able to see these sister bonds get stronger and stronger between my daughters. I will share with them tonight, I will tell them not to take their sisters for granted, because they really are your best friends. And for those woman out there who do not have that blood connection, I know that along the way, you have found a sister... girls are cool that way. We will hook up with another soul and connect in a way that only a sister can understand.
"And I felt closer to you. Because you knew me so much better than I'd realized-and still loved me."Rosamund Lupton
And this is why I cried. Because she knows me. My sister knows my heart. She knows my good stuff, and my bad stuff. She's known it all along...even back when I would warm the bed for her in the middle of the night. and in spite of all of the things that I bring to the table, my sister still loves me. So I will miss her while she is gone. But we will see each other soon, God willing, and we will laugh and cry together just like sisters do.
                     This is me and my sister with her adopted son her!!

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